A tour is a commodity; it is something that is purchased like any other good or service. There is usually a clear expectation of what will be given for a certain cost usually with the goal of getting the most comfort and pleasure out of the agreed-upon price.  

A tour can be a coach bus tour of a city, a month-long pleasure cruise at sea, or even an adventure program meant to heighten the senses.

A pilgrimage is something different. A pilgrimage is a willingness to leave behind comfort, pleasure and even some degree of certainty and go on a journey.  While often a religious or spiritual journey, it also includes a willingness to experience the world through more direct contact and interaction with people, places, cultures and nations in a way that is very real, and often challenging.

Almost anyone can take a tour.  Not everyone can go on pilgrimage.

The Travel & Encounter office of Holy Land Trust is committed to providing pilgrimages of the body, mind and spirit through the Holy Land for peoples of all faiths, beliefs, backgrounds and experiences through individual, family, couple and small group programs.  We believe in our responsibility to share our vision beyond words, and that the best possible means of sharing that vision is through sharing our land with pilgrims.

Are you a tourist, or a pilgrim?   

Let us guide you through the Holy Land, and make that discovery yourself.

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