For twenty years, Holy Land Trust has been providing meaningful, ethical, community-based volunteer experiences within Bethlehem district through our trusted local partner organizations and faith communities as part of our travel experiences.  

A volunteer experience within a Travel & Encounter Program may be a component of a larger program or the purpose of the program itself.

Volunteering components of our programs are carefully selected based on the interests, time allotment and available resources of each group.  Each project is designed to fit the needs and resources of our regional community partner and to create a team-to-team, person-to-person

relationship that may very well last beyond the experience itself.

Some of our more common possibilities include:

  • Education and vocational learning experiences at preschool, primary, secondary and post-secondary schools, colleges and vocational training centers.  
  • Participation in and development of summer camp programs.
  • Social service organizations, special needs centers and environmental organizations.
  • Partnered projects such as live performances, developing English-language media, tree-planting and small-scale construction projects.

For long-term individual or family volunteering experiences, we are able to provide long-term accommodation rental options either through apartment rentals or homestays with Bethlehem-area families.  We are also able to accept a limited number of volunteers to assist our Travel & Encounter staff with organizing and accompanying programs.

For more information, please contact info@holylandtrust.org after filling out and attaching our Volunteer Application form. ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeLrA0sYt-REHFE1m2FHLnpcEchXE09gNkj-pr5aiq8YgoL8Q/viewform)