Jordan Extension

Interested in what lies east of the Jordan River?  The Travel & Encounter program is able to offer comprehensible program extensions to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at affordable rates through our trusted partners.  

A continuation of your Holy Land experience through a visit to Jordan will complement your newfound knowledge of the religious, cultural, historical and ecological fabric of the region as well as be a fulfilling adventure all of its own!

Organizing an extension to Jordan from the Holy Land requires a valid passport and involves either transportation to one of two crossings between the state of Israel and Jordan, or crossing from Jericho by procuring a visa from the Jordanian Consulate in Ramallah.  In most cases, for ease of travel we recommend crossing from the Sheikh Hussein crossing just north of the West Bank near Beit Shean, and organizing your departure outside of the region through Amman’s international airport. We will provide all of your logistical information for Jordan, such as your itinerary and accommodation, as we do with your Holy Land program, and our partners will meet you right at the crossing.  

Our most popular destinations in Jordan include:  

Wadi Rum. Experiencing the otherworldly beauty of the Jordanian wilderness of Wadi Rum through camel treks, Bedouin encampments and nature hikes is a must for any world traveler, and can be a definitive bonding moment for any pilgrimage or educational program.

Petra. The ancient seat of the Nabatean Kingdom is Jordan’s most popular tourist destination.  Carved out of from the rose-red stone cliffs of the dramatic landscape, the stone metropolis laid silent for centuries until western travelers began capturing its wonders through poetry, travelogues, illustrations, and film.  No visit to Jordan is complete without seeing first-hand the Great Treasury after traversing through the famed Siq passage.

Amman.  Once known as Philadelphia, the modern capital of the Hashemite Kingdom is now a bustling metropolis with plenty of regional historical sites along with a large number of religious and civil society organizations that are meeting national and regional challenges.

Jerash.  The ruins of the ancient Roman city of Gerasa on which the modern city of Jerash is considered to be among the best-preserved archaeological sites in the Middle East.  The millennia-old history of the Levant cannot be fully understood without a visit to one of the first known permanent human settlements.

Aqaba.  Jordan’s outlet to the Red Sea is quickly becoming one of the most popular regional destinations.   Public beaches alongside modern resort complexes provide ample recreational opportunities such as coral-sea diving and recreational boating.

You’ve crssed oceans and mountains to reach us in the Holy Land.  Why not cross a single river and see what awaits you in Jordan?

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