How to get here

Getting To Bethlehem

1-  From Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem & Bethlehem

Public Bus

At Ben Gurion Airport take a shuttle from your terminal to the Ben Gurion Airport El Al Junction.

Egged bus 947 leaves the junction approximately every 20 minutes for the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, starting at 6:17 a.m. through 22:22. Fare is around 6 US$  

Going to Jerusalem takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Shared Taxi

A shared taxi is often the best option. These taxis leave the airport once there are enough passengers going to Jerusalem to fill up the vehicle.

Although this costs somewhat more than the bus (the fare is approximately $15), the advantage is it will take you directly to your address in Jerusalem. The down side is that while it can take only 40 minutes to get from the airport to Jerusalem, you might spend another hour in the van, circling around until the taxi has dropped off all its passengers.

Several shared taxi companies operate from outside the airport.

Private transfer with driver from Tel Aviv airport to Bethlehem

  • Private car with driver
  • Up to 4 people 
  • Door to Door Service 
  • Driver meets you personally at the arrival hall in Tel Aviv airport
  • Vehicle exclusively for you
  • Cost 125 US$ per transfer per car

Please contact us if you need the private transfer service.

Transportation from Jerusalem to Bethlehem

Take Bus number 231 Arab blue and white bus, which runs from just outside the Damascus Gate of the Old City. It will cost you approximately 8 shekels for a one-way ride. This bus will take you Bethlehem – Bab Zqaq Junction (Beit Jala).

2- From Jordan To Jerusalem / Bethlehem

Allenby Bridge

The Allenby Bridge/ King Hussein border crossing opening hours are as below. The opening times are based on the Israeli clock. While there is a time difference between Jordan and Israel, go according to the Israel time. We recommend you arrive much earlier than the closing time to cross - see below:

Sunday through Thursday: 08:00 - 22.00
Friday, Saturday, Jewish Holidays & eve of Jewish Holidays: 08.00 to 13.30

Latest time to arrive at the border:

From Jordan to Jerusalem:
Sunday through Thursday: 20:00 (last bus at 20:30)
Friday, Saturday & Jewish Holidays & eve of Jewish Holidays: 10:30 (last bus at 11:30)

From Jerusalem to Jordan:
Sunday through Thursday: 21:15 (last bus at 22:00)
Friday, Saturday & Jewish Holidays & eve of Jewish Holidays: 12:15 (last bus at 13:30)

Exit taxes:

From Jordan: Exit tax out of Jordan (JOD 10 pp, approx $15- subject to change). You are exempt from this tax if you are in Jordan no more than one night.

From West Bank to Jordan at Allenby Bridge or King Hussein Bridge: NIS 176 (approximately $52 - subject to change)

Transport between border Terminals - Shuttle & VIP:

The Jordanian and Israeli terminals are approximately 5 klm apart. There are two ways to get from one to the other - A shuttle bus or the VIP van:

The shuttle bus costs JOD 4.00 pp (approx $6) plus JOD 1.30 (approx $2) per each luggage checked in the bus hold.
Payment accepted in major currencies other than JOD. The first shuttle bus from the Jordanian Terminal leaves at or shortly after 08:30 am.
The first shuttle from the Israeli Terminal leaves around 9.00 am. The shuttle then leaves every 1-2 hours.
There does not seem to be any regular schedule