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Are you looking for alternative ways of experiencing Palestine and Israel? Would you be interested in learning a new language to understand the local culture more deeply, or spend meaningful time volunteering alongside local peoples? These are just two examples of the opportunities offered by the Travel and Encounter program that will help contribute toward giving you a better understanding of the life of Palestinians and Israelis in this land. The Travel & Encounter program offers you the opportunity to interact with grass roots Palestinians, listen to their stories, experience the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and serve in the local community.

The Travel & Encounter program seeks to deepen international awareness and advocacy by offering unique travel programs that are tailored to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of everyone traveling to this land. Whether your interests are to have an educational experience or a spiritual pilgrimage the Travel and Encounter program can help. Offering opportunities to learn Arabic, grow in your understanding of the current political situation, visit holy sites, and experience the culture to its fullest this program is not one to miss. While you will grow in your time here, you will also be contributing as your presence is one of encouragement to the local people as you serve and support the local community through sharing a part of your life with the people of this land.